Micro Annular Gear Pumps mzr-7205 Series From Micropump

Micro Annular, Gear Pumps, mzr-7205, Series, MicropumpThe mzr-7205 is highly precise, with pulseless low volume dosage even with non-lubricating fluids or at high pressure. The pump is can be used in production and process technology, and is suitable for the continuous and discrete dosage of water, watery solutions, solvents, methanol, oil lubricants, adhesives, ink and paints as well as other high viscous fluids.

Product Features

  • High Dosage Precision

  • High Differential Pressures

  • Compact Measurements

  • Broad Viscosity Range

  • Pulseless Delivery

  • High Service Life

  • Precision Motor and Sophisticated Control

Wetted Materials

  • Case: 316 Stainless Steel

  • Rotors, Shaft, Bearings: WC Ni-based

  • Shaft Seal: Graphite Reinforced Teflon®

  • Spring: 316 Stainless Steel

  • Static Seals: Viton®, optional Aflas®

Performance Summary

Flow Rate (min)
0.048 mL/min
Flow Rate (max)
288 mL/min
Differential Pressure (max)
580 psi
System Pressure (max)
73 psi
Temperature Range
-4 to 300 °F
Viscosity Range
0.3 to 50,000 cP
2.4 lbs
Standard Ports
1/8"-27 NPT(F)
Recommended Max Speed
6000 RPM

Product Datasheet