External Gear Magnetic Drive Pumps GK Series From Micropump

External, Gear Pumps, GD Series, Magnetic Drive Pumps, MicropumpWith the power to handle the most advanced pumping needs, the GK Series pumps feature a compact size, pulseless delivery, and high-precision performance. A cavity style design delivers benefits like no dynamic seals and chemical resistance, making the GK Series ideal for a variety of fluid handling applications. Durable and dependable, the GK Series also ensures a tailor-made solution for your specific needs with a wide range of available options, materials, and configurations.

Product Features

  • Small Size

  • Smooth, Pulseless Delivery

  • Chemically Resistant

  • Easy to Service

  • Proven Reliability

  • Advanced Pump Technology

  • Wide Range of Options

  • OEM Configurations

  • High-System Pressure Capability

  • Enhanced Efficiency

Displacement Range

  • Gear Set K23: 3.15 ml/rev


  • Magnetic Drive Gear Pump

  • Cavity Style

  • Two Helical, Shafted Gears

  • Stationary Shafts

  • O-ring Seal

Wetted Materials

  • Base Materials
    - 316 Stainless Steel

  • Gears
    - PTFE

  • Static Seals
    - Viton®
    - PTFE


  • Driven & Driving
    - Ferrite

Product Enhancements

  • Carbon Bushings

  • Deck Ports

Performance Summary

Flow Rate (min)
1.4 L/min
Flow Rate (max)
9.5 L/min
Differential Pressure (max)
60 psi
System Pressure (max)
1500 psi
Temperature Range
-50 to 130 °F
Viscosity Range
0.5 to 1500 cP
5.1 lbs
Standard Ports
3/8"-18 NPT(F)
Recommended Max Speed
3450 RPM

Product Datasheet