GAF Series Gear Pump From Micropump

GAF Series, Gear Pump, MicropumpThe GAF Series pumps provide low-flow, high-differential pressure, long-life pumps in a small, high-performance package. Featuring Micropump's suction-shoe design, GAF Series pumps self-compensate for wear, ensuring near zero slip and a longer pump life.

Product Features

  • Extended Differential Pressure (up to 250 psi)

  • Small Size

  • Smooth, Pulseless Delivery

  • Chemically Resistant

  • Easy to Service

  • Proven Reliability

  • Advanced Pump Technology

  • OEM Configurations

  • Enhanced Efficiency

Displacement Range

  • Gear Set T23: 0.092 ml/rev


  • Magnetic Drive Gear Pump

  • Suction Shoe Style

  • Spur Gears

  • Stationary Shafts

  • O-ring Seal

Wetted Materials

  • Base Materials
    - 316 Stainless Steel

  • Gears
    - PEEK (Carbon Fiber/PTFE)

  • Static Seals
    - EDPM


  • Driven & Driving
    - Rare Earth (PEEK encapsulated)

Performance Summary

Flow Rate (min)
12.3 L/min
Flow Rate (max)
42.9 L/min
Differential Pressure (max)
100 psi
System Pressure (max)
1500 psi
Temperature Range
-50 to 250 °F
Viscosity Range
0.5 to 1500 cP
18.5 lbs
Standard Ports
3/4"-14 NPT(F)
Recommended Max Speed
1750 RPM

Product Datasheet

GAF Series Market Brief